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        If you are a fan of chiropractic videos that make you feel relaxed and refreshed, you might want to check out Mondragon Chiropractic’s YouTube channel. Mondragon Chiropractic is a channel run by Dr. Brenda Elizabeth Mondragon, a licensed chiropractor who has over 1.9 million subscribers and over 801 videos on her channel since she started it in December 2014. Her most popular video, titled “Back Cracks Help Restore Balance to the Body - Every Crevice of the Spine Needs Work”, has over 6.7 million views as of October 2023.

        Who is Dr. Brenda Mondragon?


        Dr. Brenda Mondragon is an American chiropractor who practices in Saint Augustine, Florida. She was born in Iowa, but her exact date of birth is not publicly known. She got her first degree (a Bachelor of Science) from Eckerd College and then enrolled in Palmer Chiropractic College based in Florida, where she got her Doctorate in Chiropractic. She has a unique approach when it comes to treating various chiropractic conditions through first loosening up soft tissues and spinal muscles before applying the adjustments. She is also a proud mother of four children.

        Dr. Brenda Mondragon treats a wide range of patients with different needs and preferences. She adjusts the whole body of her patients with plenty of neck, back, toes cracks. She also does shoulder and ear cracks. Sometimes she does scalp cracks or she walks on her male patients if she can’t crack them with her hands. She uses different techniques and tools to provide the best care for her patients, such as the Gonstead method, the Thompson drop table, the activator, and the arthrostim.

        What is her YouTube channel about?

        Dr. Brenda Mondragon’s YouTube channel is mainly focused on showing her chiropractic treatments to different patients with different conditions and complaints. Her videos often feature her explaining the diagnosis and the procedure to her patients before performing the adjustments. Her patients usually react with expressions of relief, gratitude, surprise, or laughter after the adjustments. Some of her patients are celebrities, athletes, or influencers, such as singer Jason Derulo, wrestler Mickie James, and model Ashley Graham.

        Dr. Brenda Mondragon’s YouTube channel also includes some educational and informational videos about chiropractic care, such as the benefits, the risks, the myths, and the FAQs. She also occasionally uploads some personal and lifestyle videos, such as her family life, her hobbies, her travels, and her collaborations with other chiropractors or content creators.

        Why is she so popular?

        Dr. Brenda Mondragon’s YouTube channel has gained a lot of popularity and attention for several reasons. One of them is the quality and variety of her videos. She uses multiple cameras and angles to capture the details and sounds of her adjustments. She also edits her videos with captions, graphics, music, and sound effects to enhance the viewing experience.

        Another reason is the appeal and satisfaction that many people have with chiropractic care. Many people are interested in learning more about how chiropractic works and what benefits it can offer. Some people also enjoy watching the cracking and popping sounds and sensations that come with chiropractic adjustments.

        A third reason is the personality and charm of Dr. Brenda Mondragon herself. She is friendly, confident, humorous, and knowledgeable in her field. She communicates well with her patients and her viewers, explaining what she is doing and why she is doing it. She also interacts with her fans through social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.


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