A simple online stopwatch tool. We measure the exact time. We will playfully replace your watch.


More about Stopwatch

Need an accurate and reliable stopwatch? Look no further than our free online stopwatch tool! With just a click, you can time any activity or event with precision and ease.

Work on any device

Our stopwatch app works seamlessly on all devices, so whether you're on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can easily access our tool and start timing.

Use them now, no barriers

And because our app is completely online, you won't have to worry about downloading any software or apps onto your device. Plus, it's completely free to use, so you can time as many events as you need without any cost.

Try our stopwatch, it's free

So why wait? Give our online stopwatch app a try today and see just how easy and convenient it is to time your activities and events with precision and accuracy!

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    Why use this stopwatch?



      We measure time to the hundredths of a second



      You can pause the time measurement

    • Free app

      We're free

      Our service is free and without charge

    How to use stopwatch?

    1. Switch on the measurement with the "Start" button
    2. Stop the measurement with the "Pause" button (temporarily or permanently)

    Why are we the best?

    • Accurate


      This stopwatch is accurate no matter your device

    • Easy to use

      Easy to use

      Simple to use. Nothing in your way


      Works everywhere

      Works on every device