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Benefits of morning meditation with us


    You'll feel better

    Morning meditation has a positive effect on health and mood

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    5 min is a good start

    Yes, even a short time is enough, the important thing is to build a habit

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How to start 5 min morning meditation

  1. Find out how to do morning meditation by following the instructions below.
  2. Start your meditation countdown time.

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How to make a great 5 min morning meditation

Morning meditation refers to the practice of setting aside a specific time in the mornings hours of the day to engage in a focused and mindful mental exercise. It involves finding a quiet and comfortable space, sitting or lying down in a relaxed posture, and directing your attention to your breath, bodily sensations, thoughts, or a specific object.

The goal of morning meditation is to cultivate a sense of presence, calmness, and clarity by training your mind to be fully aware of the present moment without judgment.

Good start of the day

8 reasons for morning meditation

  1. Starting the Day Mindfully: Engaging in meditation in the morning helps you begin your day with a clear and centered mind. It sets a positive tone for the rest of the day by allowing you to approach your tasks and interactions with increased focus and a sense of calm.
  2. Stress Reduction: Morning meditation can help reduce stress and anxiety. By practicing mindfulness, you learn to observe your thoughts and emotions without getting entangled in them. This perspective shift can lead to decreased reactivity to stressors and a greater ability to manage challenging situations.
  3. Improved Concentration: Regular meditation practice enhances your ability to concentrate and sustain your attention on tasks. This can lead to increased productivity and effectiveness in your daily activities.
  4. Enhanced Self-Awareness: Morning meditation encourages self-reflection and self-awareness. As you spend time observing your thoughts and feelings, you gain a deeper understanding of your own mind and patterns of thinking.
  5. Emotional Regulation: Through meditation, you develop the skill of acknowledging your emotions without being overwhelmed by them. This can lead to better emotional regulation and a more balanced mood throughout the day.
  6. Physical Health Benefits: Morning meditation has been linked to various physical health benefits, such as lowered blood pressure, improved immune function, and reduced inflammation. The relaxation response triggered by meditation can have a positive impact on overall well-being.
  7. Positive Mindset: Engaging in morning meditation can contribute to a more positive outlook on life. By focusing on gratitude, compassion, and positivity during meditation, you may find it easier to maintain an optimistic attitude throughout the day.
  8. Improved Sleep: Establishing a morning meditation routine can indirectly improve your sleep quality. It helps in reducing racing thoughts and anxiety that might interfere with your ability to fall asleep at night.

To improve health and mood, morning meditation works by activating the relaxation response in your body. This response counteracts the effects of the "fight or flight" stress response, leading to reduced cortisol (stress hormone) levels, decreased heart rate, and relaxation of muscles. These physiological changes contribute to a calmer state of mind and improved overall well-being.

The most important thing in meditation is regularity

5 min morning meditation

To start a morning meditation practice:

  1. Choose a Quiet Space: Find a quiet and comfortable spot where you won't be disturbed during your meditation.
  2. Set a Timer: Begin with a short duration, such as 5-10 minutes, and gradually increase as you become more comfortable with the practice.
  3. Comfortable Posture: Sit or lie down in a relaxed posture. You can sit cross-legged on the floor, on a cushion, or in a chair with your back straight and hands resting on your lap.
  4. Focus on Breath: Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath. Observe the sensation of each inhale and exhale.
  5. Mindfulness: As your mind inevitably wanders, gently bring your focus back to your breath or chosen point of focus without self-judgment.
  6. Practice Daily: Consistency is key. Try to meditate at the same time each morning to establish a routine.

Remember that morning meditation is a skill that takes time to develop. Be patient with yourself and approach the practice without expectations. Over time, you'll likely experience the positive effects on your health and mood.