100 perfect ROASTS: The best of the best, Funny and Punchy

Vladimir Subr

Vladimír Šubr

Sep 28, 2023

We have selected 100 absolutely perfect roasts for you. We've made lists of only the absolute best. Plus, we've sorted them into categories. Come and choose! A good roast is a humorous or witty remark, often at someone's expense, that is intended to tease, mock, or make fun of them in a light-hearted or playful manner. The effectiveness of a roast often depends on the context, the relationship between the roaster and the roastee, and the delivery of the roast.

1. Appearance-Based Roasts:

2. Intelligence-Based Roasts:



3. Aggressive Roasts:

4. Indifference & Avoidance Roasts:

5. Sarcastic & Witty Roasts:

6. General Insults:


What is good roast?

And how to discover them? Here some characteristics of a good roast:

  1. Witty and clever: A good roast is often clever and showcases the roaster's wit. It's not just a plain insult but has a twist or play on words that makes it memorable.
  2. Contextual: The best roasts are tailored to the situation or the person being roasted. They are relevant to current events, personal traits, or shared experiences.
  3. Light-hearted: While roasts are at someone's expense, they should be done in a light-hearted and playful manner. The intention is to entertain, not to genuinely hurt someone's feelings.
  4. Delivery: The way a roast is delivered can make or break it. Timing, tone, and facial expressions play a crucial role in how a roast is received.
  5. Know your audience: It's essential to know who you're roasting and how they might take it. Some people enjoy a good-natured ribbing, while others might be more sensitive. It's also important to consider the audience who is listening.
  6. Not crossing the line: A good roast doesn't cross boundaries of decency or touch on sensitive topics that could deeply hurt someone. It's essential to strike a balance between humor and respect.
  7. Relevance: A roast that touches on something topical or currently relevant can be particularly effective.
  8. Originality: While there are many classic roasts, coming up with something original and unexpected can leave a lasting impression.

In popular culture, "roast" events, where celebrities are humorously mocked by their peers, have become popular. These events are meant to honor the individual (the "roastee") while making fun of them in a friendly and comedic environment. The Comedy Central Roasts are a well-known example of this format.