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Vefru is a collection of amazing free online apps. You don't have to install anything or pay to enjoy a smooth and private experience. There are no restrictions on the number of uses, speed, or data logging. Every app follows Swiss privacy and accessibility standards🇨🇭. We hope to bring you a luxury to whenever you are.

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  • Video to mp3 converter

    Simple and free video to mp3 converter. Video to mp3 converter - Get audio from video.

  • Free image converter

    Super powerful online image converter

  • The best timer

    Accurate, simple, user-friendly. Set any time to the nearest hundredth.

  • Simple meditation

    Take a deep breath, unwind, and let your troubles drift away with this meditation

  • Stopwatch

    A simple online stopwatch tool. We measure the exact time. We will playfully replace your watch.

  • Time zone tool

    What time is it in Ney York, London or Tokyo? Find out what time it is in the selected city anywhere in the world.

  • MrBeast last YouTube video download

    Download the latest video from MrBeast for free

  • Youtube downloader

    Free online Youtube downloader with many options. And easy to use!

  • YouTube Shorts downloader

    Download YouTube Shorts videos

  • Mark Rober last YouTube video download

    Download the latest video from Mark Rober for free

  • Brent Rivera last YouTube video download

    Download the latest video from Brent Rivera for free

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Recent reviews

  • Kevin

    Kevin (USA)

    The best tool I've ever used! I really like it here. I mainly use the image converter and I like how incredibly simple it is. I also work with multiple files at once and have never had a problem.

  • Emilia

    Emilia (Canada)

    I really enjoy these tools and don't understand how they can be free. Otherwise, the contact email also works. I'm happy to have someone give me advice or listen to my needs.

  • Joachim

    Joachim (Germany)

    I use a tool to download videos from YouTube almost every day. It works really well and reliably. I also download the audio track from some of my favorite podcasts so I can listen to them anytime.



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