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Radhika Dadhich

Radhika Dadhich

Nov 4, 2023

Jubin Nautiyal songs

Jubin Nautiyal is one of the most popular singers of the current times. His remix songs garner a lot of popularity and his energetic live performances make him a favorite among youth. 


Jubin Nautiyal is one of India’s most famous contemporary playback singers and live performers. He has sung various melodious renditions during his career, many of which we hum in our everyday lives. Born in Dehradun, Jubin knew he wanted to be a singer from a tender age. The star learnt singing and opted for Hindustani classical music lessons during his school and college days. By the age of 18, Nautiyal was a singer in his hometown and was also well-versed in various instruments like piano, guitar, drums, etc. 


Jubin’s singing career started in 2011 when he participated in the reality show - X Factor - and became a part of the top 25 participants. Jubin’s debut in the Indian music industry was with the song ‘Ek Mulakat’ from the film Sonali Cable. However, one of the breakthroughs of his career came in 2017 when Jubin was signed as the lead singer for the film - Kaabil. Likewise, the ‘Humma Song’ of Jubin also became a chartbuster. 


Besides his peppy renditions, Jubin is known for being an excellent live performer. He has performed in several top-tier college fests in India, such as those of the University of Delhi. Currently, the singer is signed with T Series. He was also nominated for a Filmfare Award for his song - Raatan Lambiyan - in the movie Sher Shah.


Top 5 Best Jubin Nautiyal Songs

  1. Tum Hi Aana - It is a pop ballad from the movie - Marjawan - released in 2019. The song is a heartfelt composition, wherein Jubin soulfully expresses the longing of a lover.

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  1. The Humma Song - It is a reboot or remix of the erstwhile ‘Humma Humma Song’ for the movie OK Jaanu. The remixed version sung by Jubin is peppy, memorable, and also unique in its own way.

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  1. Kaabil Hoon - It is the title track of the Hrithik Roshan starrer - Kaabil. The song is a jolly yet memorable expression of a lover expressing his loyalty for his beau.

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  1. Kinna Sona - The fourth most popular song of Jubin Nautiyal has to be Kinna Sona, sung for the movie Marjawan. The rendition is about a lover smitten by the beauty and charm of his beau.

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  1. Ik Vaari Aa - It is a very popular Jubin Nautiyal song sung for the movie Raabta. The song garnered a lot of popularity and continues to trend on Insta reels even today!

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If you love Jubin Nautiyal songs, then use to download your favorite Jubin Nautiyal music videos from YouTube.


Summary: Jubin Nautiyal is a Filmfare-nominated Indian playback singer. He is known for his peppy remix songs and other heartfelt renditions, such as Ik Vaari Aa, Kaabil Hoon, Kinna Sona, etc. 



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