TOP 30 Things to do with kids near me

Jiri Padour

Jiri Padour

Oct 16, 2023

Sometimes, it might seem like you've already tried every possible activity with your kids in your area. But don't worry, we've got you covered! We've compiled a list of tried-and-true activities to enjoy with your kids, whether you live in the city or the countryside. You'll find something that's not only fun but also helps your children grow physically and intellectually.

What's even better? This list will keep track of what you've already done for future reference. Can you check them all off the list

Things to do with kids near me

🎢 Amusement Park: Take your kids to an amusement park for a day of thrilling rides and family fun. From roller coasters to cotton candy, it's a perfect way to create lasting memories.


🏹 Archery: Introduce your kids to the world of archery. It's a great way to teach focus, patience, and coordination while enjoying outdoor activities.


🚲 Bike Trails: Explore the beauty of nature on bike trails. It's an excellent way to bond with your children while promoting a healthy lifestyle.


🎳 Bowling: Bowling is a classic family activity. Strike up some fun with your kids and enjoy some friendly competition at your local bowling alley.


🏕️ Camping: Experience the great outdoors by taking your kids camping. Roast marshmallows, tell stories around the campfire, and teach them valuable survival skills.


🛶 Canoeing, Kayaking, or Paddle-boarding: Paddle through serene waters with your children. It's a fantastic way to bond, enjoy nature, and work on teamwork.


🎲 Escape Room: Challenge your family's problem-solving skills with an escape room adventure. It's an excellent way to stimulate critical thinking and teamwork.


🎣 Fishing: Teach your kids the art of fishing. Spend quality time by the water, and who knows, you might catch dinner!


🏎️ Go Cards: Explore your city with Go Cards, offering discounts and access to various family-friendly attractions. It's a cost-effective way to have fun with your kids.


🏇 Horseback Riding: Experience the thrill of horseback riding with your children. Explore scenic trails and enjoy a unique bonding adventure.


⛸️ Indoor Ice Skating: Whether it's winter or not, indoor ice skating provides a fantastic opportunity for family fun and exercise.


🧗 Indoor Rock Climbing: Climb to new heights with your kids at an indoor rock climbing gym. It's a great way to boost their confidence and physical strength.


 Indoor Trampoline Park or Jumping Arena: Bounce, flip, and jump with your kids at an indoor trampoline park. It's an energy-burning adventure the whole family can enjoy.


🎤 Karaoke: Unleash your inner rock stars with a family karaoke night. Sing your hearts out and create unforgettable memories.


🔫 Laser Tag: Engage in thrilling laser tag battles with your kids. It's an action-packed adventure that fosters strategy and teamwork.


Lego Store Visit: Explore the creativity of LEGO with a visit to the store. Let your kids marvel at the endless possibilities of these iconic building blocks.


🏌️ Mini Golf: Putt your way through mini-golf courses for a fun-filled day with your children. It's a great way to work on their hand-eye coordination.


🥾 Nature Hike: Immerse your family in the beauty of nature by going on a nature hike. Explore the outdoors and teach your kids about the environment.


🎥 Outdoor Movie: Watch a movie under the stars in an outdoor setting. It's a unique and enjoyable cinematic experience for the family.


🔭 Planetarium Observatory: Take your kids to a planetarium to spark their curiosity about the cosmos. Learn about stars, planets, and the universe together.


⛵ Play with Boat or Plane Models: Share your passion for boats or planes with your children. Building and playing with models is a great bonding experience.


🚣 Rafting: For an adventurous day with your kids, try rafting down a river. It's an exciting water activity that promotes teamwork and outdoor exploration.


🔬 Science Center or Interactive Exhibition: Feed your children's curiosity with a visit to a science center or interactive exhibition. Learn about the world around us in a hands-on way.


⚽ Sports Game: Attend a sports game with your kids and cheer for your favorite team together. It's a great way to share the excitement of sports.


‍🏊 Swimming Pool/Water Park: Cool off in the summer heat by spending a day at the swimming pool or water park. It's a splashing good time for the family.


🧗 Tree Climbing/Zip Lining: Challenge your family's adventurous side by trying tree climbing or zip lining. It's a thrilling outdoor experience.


🐟 Visit an Aquarium or Zoo: Explore the wonders of marine life or the animal kingdom by visiting an aquarium or zoo. It's an educational and entertaining outing.


🦋 Visit a Butterfly House: Immerse yourselves in the magical world of butterflies at a butterfly house. It's a serene and beautiful experience.


🧶 Workshops (colouring mugs, ...): Nurture your children's creativity by attending workshops together. Whether it's coloring, magazine-making, or other crafts, it's a great way to bond and learn new skills.