Do You Want to Know About the GI Joe Classified Checklist?

Radhika Dadhich

Radhika Dadhich

Nov 14, 2023

gi joe classified checklist

G.I. Joe is one of the most famous toy lines worldwide. The popularity of the toys has been such that we have three movies, and one more coming up that revolve around the G.I team and the G.I Joe classified checklist 

G.I. Joe is a series of American military science fiction action films premised on the renowned toy lines of the same name. The first G.I Joe movie - G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra was released in 2009, although development began way back in 2003. The second film in the series - G.I. Joe Retaliation was released in 2013, followed by the third movie - Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins in 2021. A fourth movie - G.I. Joe: Ever Vigilant is on the cards, and is being actively developed. 


Who is the G.I. Joe Team?

G.I. Joe is the code name of a fictional, elite and secret special operations unit under the control of the US Army. The G.I. movies revolve around this special and covert team of agents. The initial G.I. Joe's special agent was General Joseph Colton, whose toy became publicly available during the 1980s. And today, all special forces soldiers in the G.I. Joe universe has their own unique traits and special characteristics. We will break down the persona of the very famous Major Duke from the G.I.  Joe universe. 

 What are physical requirements for the G.I. Joe Team?


G.I Joe Classified Checklist for Major Duke from G.I. Joe

Duke is a Major in the United States armed forces. He was a field operations specialist before attempting to gain entry into the G.I. Joe Program. His main traits include -

  • Hobbies - Training and polishing his combating skills
  • Relationship Status - previously engaged but his personal life took a complicated turn when Duke realized that his former fiancee was working with Cobra - G.I. Joe’s biggest rival who is aiming to take over the world.
  • Challenge - Proving his worth to the G.I. Joe's team, while fighting against the evils of Cobra.
  • Best Personality Traits - Dedicated, fearless and courageous. Duke feels a sense of duty and responsibility in all situations that require action. He thrives on adrenaline-inducing adventures. 

So, there it was, a crisp G.I. Joe classified checklist for Major Duke. 

The G.I. Joe movie franchise is fascinating. The G.I Joe classified checklist for major Duke includes traits like fearlessness, courage, dedication, etc.